find peace between body & food.

My food philosophy is SIMPLE and I want to share it with you!

We eat for FUEL and we eat for FUN.

  • Sometimes the food choices we make serve both functions as in the case with honey Sriracha meatballs… yum!
  • Sometimes the food choices we make don’t overlap in function. We eat just for fuel – i.e. broccoli… ick! Or just for fun – cake pops and Carmel Macchiatos… can I get an AMEN!?!

Understanding YOUR balance between these two functions is the key to FINALLY FINDING PEACE WITH YOUR BODY. This balance varies based on goals, past experiences, and your present relationship with food. A healthy body is created based on wise, not perfect, decisions. Girls, LIFE IS REAL and the sooner we learn how to make food choices based on education and permission, not fear, the quicker we can give our attention back towards things that matter. Things that leave this world a better place. Let me walk with you on your journey to discover your balance between intention and grace, discipline and permission!

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what people are saying…

I look into the mirror daily to criticize myself and point out every imperfection. What did this Jessika help me to see? That my imperfections are perfect. I am me and there is no one else I’d rather be. đź’— Jessika’s ability to share these concepts with her clients, is mind blowing. She brings the real, raw emotions and encouragement to life.

Breanna Serna

Albuquerque, NM

I contacted Jess in hopes of gaining more knowledge about the foods I have been eating. I have always been an athlete and eaten “healthy” but never really knew the science behind food. Not only did she exceed my expectations but she gave me realistic goals that I am able to attain. She was inquisitive about my daily life activities, food journal, and my goals and expectations. When I got her assessment I was extremely impressed!  Seeing as how I live in Denver, she was easy to communicate with! I would recommend her 10 times over.

Martha McFadden

Castle Rock, CO

Being a habitual “body checker” (aka – staring at myself in every mirror possible to check out what my body looks like at any ever every particular moment), I resonated with Jessika’s style right away. I would catch myself staring into every mirror I walked past hoping that my profile was my unhealthy version of perfect. Her work reminded me (and actually made me stop myself from body checking) that my body is strong, sexy, healthy, and worthy of so much love. Thank you for what you do for women everywhere!

Andrea Cloak

Albuquerque, NM

Taking the time to appreciate my body for the things it’s capable of doing is not something I’m in the habit of doing. After reading Jessika’s resources I’ve really been focusing on looking at my body as an instrument to help me love my life. I love that she is about enhancing who I am now and helping me learn to not punish myself for being me.

Abby Rector

Denver, Colorado

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