hi, i’m jessika brown.

I’m fueled by faith, fun workouts, and food that nourishes both body and soul.

Welcome to my honest, raw, space where I’ll show you how I weave health into life between marriage and motherhood over a career— its a daily juggling act.

I am married to a Certified BAD ASS (aka SWAT officer) and I wrangle two boys who never sit still all while pursuing a career I am deeply passionate about. As a Registered Dietitian (RD) I have been working in the health industry for the last 11 years. I have certifications in Eating Disorders (CEDRD) and Sports Dietetics (CSSD). All of which means I spend my days knee-deep in food talk – specifically sports nutrition and making peace with food.

Spending so much time in these two worlds of nutrition, mixed with a history of an eating disorder and the reality of being a mama to the stereotypical “mac and cheese and chicken nugget” kids – I have grown into a relationship with food and my body that is somewhere between intention and grace, discipline with sprinkles of flexibility.

But getting here has been a journey…

I am proud (like little kid at show-and-tell proud) of:

  1. Jumping off the highest (OK, second highest) bungee jump in the world, and
  2. Giving a TED Talk.

These sound really cool on the surface, but the reality is these events are so special to me because of the the growth God was working on in me in the background. In the beautiful mess behind the glitter.

When I decided to jump off the plank hanging out a glass floored pod suspended 500 feet above a canyon in New Zealand with nothing by a bungee, I was actually freed from an eating disorder and self-destructive mentality.

A week before I stepped on stage to give my TED Talk, we held a live rehearsal. As I stood there, all eyes and spotlight on me, I froze. Right then, I felt what I had been fearing for days; my body was beginning to miscarry my second baby.

Both of these events are milestones in my life; where God made me stronger physically and emotionally… and I’m still growing. I believe the same is true for most of us. While we are out there aspiring to have it all and move mountains, it is the space between the big events that we find our strength. And this strength can only be found when we equip our bodies with the health it needs to sustain what we are asking of it.

On here you will find all I know about cultivating an energetic life thru faith, diet, and exercise. I have put together several resources for you in case you are wanting a little more support. The blog is a glimpse into my journey, and I hope it inspires yours.


Jessika Brown MS, RD, CEDRD-S, CSSD, ACE

(Fancy titles translated: Masters in Science, Registered Dietitian, Certified Eating Disorders Dietitian-Supervisor, Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Instructor)

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