1. Coffee— Because I am raising wildlife (aka boys) and an annoyingly, crazy overachiever.

2. Green stuff and brightly colored nature’s candy—  Did you catch that? I am trying to make fruits and veggies sound alluring. REALITY CHECK: There is nothing sexy about telling people to eat more fruits and veggies. Its like trying to make putting gas in your car sound exciting. It’s not, but it’s essential.

SCIENCE LESSON: Your body produces free radicals as a byproduct of metabolism. I think of free radicals like little two year olds running wild. When left unattended they run and grab anything they can get their hands on, often ripping it apart. Free radicals do exactly this to our cells, running around looking for electrons to grab onto, often ripping other cells apart and leaving a mess. Antioxidants neutralize these free radicals. Like mama scooping up her toddler with a bowl full of teddy grahams. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, house safe. 

3. A blender— Next to chapstick and my bible, my mini blender is what I would want with me on a desert island. I have a feeling even on a desert island I would find a way to be buzzing around. A blender helps me follow thru with #2 while still getting to work on time. 

4. Dessert— Because I would rather swim with sharks than rob my kids of the joy of eating fun, delicious desserts. Desserts are, yes, I am aware, sugar. But here is the deal… sugar turns into glucose and our bodies are built on glucose. During pregnancy, a fetus feeds ONLY on glucose. So from the time we are forming in our mama’s womb we were programed to eat sugar. Demonizing our draw to sugar is like saying you are wrong for needing air. How dare you want to breathe you mere human! I choose to send the message to my boys that dessert is a treat to be enjoyed by always having it in my pantry. Often this helps my 3-year old to eat more of item #2. Exhibit A: He has to eat a banana before his Oreos. He downs that banana so fast and then we get to spend the next 20 minutes discussing who did a better job untwisting the Oreo. Funny thing is, this method works for most adults too.

5. Protein— Whether it is in the form of milk, eggs, beans, whey protein powder or my husband’s latest game hunt, I aim for at least 20g of protein at every meal. Why 20? That’s what it takes to keep your muscle repair process working all day long. Show me the muscles! 

6. Discipline— Because without it I will have too much of #4 and not enough of #2 or #5. 

7. Grace— Because I am not perfect. Even with nutrition as my career field, I still make “wrong” food choices. I eat too much ice cream or not enough protein. I continue to eat Panda Express even though it makes me sick every time (#blast). I don’t eat as much when I am stressed and overeat when I am sad.  But at the end of the day my body is incredible, and it can handle the waves of life. 

Cheers and body love, 


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