Is it just me, or is there hella halloween candy around????


I love me some Sour Patch Kids and Snickers Fun Size Bars as much as the next person, but sometimes the inundation of candy is just too much.  So, what can you do with all that leftover Halloween candy (besides take it to the office and pass on your “problem” to everyone else that you work with)???


1. DIY Trail Mix— M&Ms, Candy Corn, Milk Duds, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and the tiny candy bar bites are all great ingredients for a DIY trail mix.  If you mix these sweets with nuts, pretzels, and dried fruit, you can dilute the added sugar with some quality nutrition and protein.  My personal favorite is: candy corn, peanut M&Ms, pretzels, cashews, almonds, and dried banana chips. For more ideas check out my KRQE News in the Morning Segment.


2. Use it to teach math— For those of you with littles, using candy to teach math skills is a game changer.  To this day, I remember my mom and dad sitting me down with color coordinated M&M’s, and teaching me multiplication.  Best part- when I got it right, I would get a snack!


3. Repurpose it for Christmas!  Use it to make a ginger bread house or an advent calendar!  I love to make advent calendars for the countdown to my favorite holiday.  Why not repurpose the free candy you don’t want to eat at Halloween for a gift that can be mindfully consumed one day at a time all month long?  Win-win! Here is the link to the wall advent calendar I love! 


4. Make gifts for family and friends— My boys are starting to learn the act of giving. This year I bought cute little boxes and we will be wrapping up some candy with words of love and encouragement to pass on to friends and family.


5. Save it for the next Piñata— candy doesn’t go bad.  If you don’t have plans to get a piñata… now you do!


6. Let’s be real here… you can always just eat it. 


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