a healthy body

is created on wise, not perfect, decisions. And it all starts with learning how to make food choices based on permission, NOT fear.

Let me walk with you on your journey to heal your relationship with food and body by discovering YOUR balance between intention and grace, discipline and permission.

hi, I’m Jess.

And I’m here to help you make a truce with food and exercise – while learning to love your body along the way.

Here in my little cozy spot, you’ll find everything I know about nutritious living, building strength, and finally making peace with your body. I believe faith, marriage, and kids come first – making health fall FOURTH in the priority line.

I eat ice cream with my kids, I skip workouts to take care of my family, and I love a hard-earned craft beer at the end of a long day.

Yes, there is a way to love your body and enjoy life… I call it being NEARLY NUTRITIOUS.

i’d love to help you…

I am a Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian (CEDRD-S), a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD), an American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Instructor, a Certified Wellness Coach, and a mama.  Let me help you with…

latest from the blog

My Top 10 Reads

This month marks one year since I returned to reading. I find I like to alternate between books that discuss fueling the body and books that fuel my soul because I believe that in order to effectively fuel the body, you have to FIRST fuel the soul. Here are some...

Keeping Your New Year Promises in the Kitchen

I love the energy in the new year. I love the opportunity of a fresh slate. I love the optimism around making changes that build energy and confidence!   But one thing that bums me out is that only 8% of New Year’s Resolutions will be maintained past February. Only...

2 Tips to Tackle Turkey Day

The holiday season can bring chaos and joy, but for some of us it’s a difficult time of the year. Whether it’s your family making you laugh, freaking you out, or a combination of the two, we all tend to agree on one thing: FOOD IS EVERYWHERE. This season can bring so...

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Beat Body Bullying
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Love Food Again

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